March 31, 2019

By  K. - Skin Care Critique

Hello beautiful!

I’m K – and I’m thrilled to meet a fellow beauty aficionado! 

My beauty story began when I was 16 or so as I suffered from breakouts and pretty much most teenagers do. But for me it was especially painful. I am a performing artist and have been in front of people since 5 years old. As you can imagine when you are being literally watched by bunch of people I fest that all they were seeing when they were looking at me as this one huge pimple! The agony of being looked at and imagining that people thought I was ugly was overwhelming! My grandmother who was a great beauty and a ballerina always said that if one started skincare routine at 16 one we a decade too late (now that is perhaps a slight exaggeration)! She did depart this world well into her 80s and looked decades younger because she never stopped putting stuff on her face….but I digress. 

Perpetual Search For New And Better Skincare Products

So being coaxed to stop being lazy and bemoan my fate of perennial pimpledoom I decided to stake control of my skin. Well….at the time it was easier said than done. I tried literally every product there was on the market to combat the breakouts – but none truly worked properly. If they did – it was a temporary reprieve as they would eventually dry out my skin and cause irritation. I have a combination skin type now – but in my teens I had very oily skin and it seems I was caught in the eternal catch 22. Strip too much oil off and skin overproduces it again – clear – irritate – breakout- exfoliate again etc. It went on for years!

Eventually I grew out of it – and that battle simply vanished….But the most valuable benefit I took away from this nightmarish time was a maniacal dedication to my skincare routine and perpetual search for new and better skincare products.

It's a Lifestyle!

It became part of my lifestyle – always to look out and seek the better, newer, more efficient product. And always put it on my face! I kid you not – even when I can’t remember how I got to bed (too much champagne at the party perhaps) I always find myself in the morning with my face washed and moisturized and my teeth flossed and brushed. It’s my default autopilot, or GPS – I simply never skip the routine. 

Now the landscape of the beauty industry expanding like the universe – exponentially more and more products are there and they al claim to have found the fountain of youth. Some indeed have found something and some are simply placebo – but I find it fun to explore and try it.

It’s a lifestyle hobby – some people bird watch – I skin watch! And as I became more fascinated with my iPhone and technology I found that some of the amazing evolutions of science and engineering made their way into my bathroom in the form of the gadgets you read about here. Once I got on that wagon I never looked back!  

There Hasn't Been A Beauty Tool I Didn't Try Or A Luxury Cream I Didn't Use

I quickly realized that having the right ones and using them in the adaptive way can literally have the effect of seeing dermatologist regularly. The strength and sophistication of the best of the best at home beauty tools is a powerful ammunition against the passage of time. My plastic surgeon friends tell me that they wouldn’t even agree to give me botox if I asked – as I don’t need it. I’m in my mid-30s and I don’t have a single line on my face. None. Nada. and I proudly take credit for it.

There hasn’t been a beauty tool I didn’t try or a luxury cream I didn’t use – and I decided to create a destination for people like myself – luxury beauty addicts who enjoy the gadgets and the feel of the very best of skincare the world has to offer. Yes, I have spent thousands of dollars of my own nard-earned money on all those products – but I have my face to show for it and I enjoy it. So at skincarecritique.com I created the edit of only the best-working tool and products – I simply don’t bother with anything I would give less than 5 stars to. I hope that you may find it useful not to waste time and money buying everything there is out there to find the best – but rather mine the pages of our site for advice and guidance to only the best. 

I welcome you to our corner of eternal youth here – we may not have found a fountain of it but definitely a factory! 

Cheers and stay beautiful 


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